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The Experience

"I've left here plenty of times adorned with with sample scents without having to spend a cent, so there's no pressure to buy. It's great for gifts and an improved experience if you engage the staff to help you find the ultimate product."

The Verdict

"Thanks to its staff and cutesy appeal, Kleins Perfumery beats the department store experience hands down."

The Age Melbourne Magazine

Top 5 Perfumeries

Kleins Press AGE MAG MELB 1

Famous Magazine

While Tom's away Katie makes him pay

Kleins Press Famous 1

The Sunday Age, M Magazine 

Scent and the city

What is the scent of Melbourne? "It would be a potpourri", says Andrea Birnie, owner of the shrine to scent, Klein's Perfumery. "It would have a strong note of leather because we're bookish and perhaps for the footy", she says, warming to the subject, "bitumen for the suburbs, a hint of sea breeze and a strong base note of coffee. It would include the faint fragrance of trees and shrubbery, perhaps a little garlic, burnt rubber and definitely black ink– because we all love to wear black."

Press - M Mag

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Instyle Magazine

Beauty Talk

"Kleins Perfumery, it’s magnetic appeal lies somewhere between that of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and Harry Potters Wand Shop. One of the most satisfying refreshments you'll find along this funcky Melbourne cafe strip. Kleins is a sensual paradise. Every niche is filled with enticing stock… powder puffs, fragrant linen sachets, scented candles, pretty toiletry bags. The former Fitzroy barber's shop reopened its doors in 1995, having swapped razors and shaving creams for an aroma shopper's therapy of 60 product lines".

Press - Instyle

Yen Magazine

Press - Yen Mag

NW Magazine

Girls Guide to Beauty


Financial Review

Don't expect less than the unexpected

"Whether in Sydney, Rome or Milan, there's a sneaking sameness to stores that bores even the most dedicated shopper. The secret to retaining the thrill of the chase is in seeking out small, high-quality retail outlets often run by the dedicated owners. Only then will you find goods that delight with their originality, handcraftmanship, or impossible-to-find-but-I-did factor."

"Kleins Perfumery. Something of an institution, with its wall-to-wall array of niche, luxury beauty products. Try Chemical Bonding or Balmy Days and Sunday fragrances from Ineke or the scent of carnation with the Malmaison fragrance from Floris. Andrea Birnie, the owner for 14 years, prides herself on premium goods and service."


Epica, Japan

Feature on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Press - Epica

Vogue Australia

Vogue Beauty

The chic of navy blue, the panache of a cream silk blouse, the subtle sex appeal of seamed stockings, Mais oui, that faded Parisian elegance is captured in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, in a charming beauty boudoir, Kleins Perfumery. The former barber shop stocks hundreds of essential and fragrant oils, single note fragrances and the odd French brand that you feel you've discovered all for yourself, shelved in studied carelessness between a strip of Florence Broadhurst wallpaper and a quirky quote from Dolly Parton. Legendary brands include Burt's Bees, Acca Kappa, Aesop, Lothanique, Amelie & Melanie and Tinderbox skincare. The founder, former florist Andrea Birnie, welcomes visitors with the warmth of an old friend.

Press - Vogue

Harpers Bazaar

Shop Til You Drop Shopping Guide


Vogue Living



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