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5 Action Eye Serum

5 Action Eye Serum

A white lily serum, specially designed to provide intensive care to the sensitive area around the eyes.


White lily reduces dark circles and the signs of fatigue under the eyes, while also reducing the sagging of the upper eyelid.

The copper complex reduces fine lines & wrinkles and improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

The patented propolis extract offers its antioxidant properties by protecting from oxidative stress and environmental attacks.

The patented infusion of a combination of 3 sideritis species triggers the youth proteins and offers its antioxidant, photo-protective and moisturizing effects.

Aloe, honey, panthenol and hyaluronic oligosaccharides moisturize the area around the eyes.

APIVITA has replaced water in the 5-ACTION EYE SERUM with an infusion of a combination of 3 sideritis species in order to utilize its strong antioxidant, photo-protective and moisturizing properties.


Ophthalmologically tested - Fragrance free - Alcohol free

Made in Greece

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Hi Guys,

I came across your website when I was looking to replace a violet lip balm I love, which I had trouble finding.

The website and service is very...

- Jane

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